Welcome to the Power School

At The Power School our goal is not only to, instruct, design, and build, but listen to and learn from our clients.

The Power School is a small business whose purpose is to assist teachers in creating web based graphical content. We also will work on converting older content that is no longer technically compatible to current web requirements. This includes, but is not limited to converting old Adobe Flash content.

We are excited to investigate new methods of presentation that are focused upon reaching the new generation of student who is used to being stimulated with advanced graphic presentation on a daily basis. This is one of the challenges that teachers face today, how do I reach my students in the most effective manner. We want to explore the world of new and existing tools available with you.

The Silk Train

I am currently developing site content based on the Great Northern Rail Road portion of a Silk Train record set from Yokohama to Jersey City, in August of 1924 as an example of the possibilities for presenting educational concepts. As I complete the work you are welcome to view the content that is already posted.